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10/30/2018 Insights

How To Make A Smooth Transition To A New Dental Office

How To Make A Smooth Transition To A New Dental Office
from Dental Assistant Life

If you’ve recently accepted a job offer to work in a new dental office, congratulations! What some would call the hard part — the application process, the job interview and, for some, the preparation time in school — is behind you.

Now, it’s on to day-to-day office life at your new place of employment!

Before you begin your new dental assistant role, you may want to consider the four pieces of advice we’ve outlined here. Following these recommendations could ensure a smooth transition during those first few days of the new job. 

Know Your State Requirements

Whether you’ve recently relocated to a new state or you’ve been working in the same state for years, all dental assistants should be aware of their state’s dental assisting requirements. Wondering where to start? DANB’s search-by-state map is a great at-a-glance resource for finding out all the specific information you’ll need to know. Additionally, your state may have continuing dental education requirements that are important to be aware of as well.

“Knowing what you are and aren’t allowed to do shows integrity and self-responsibility,” says Eloise R., CDA, CPFDA, CDPMA, who teaches on topics such as infection control and state regulation compliance.

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