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12/3/2018 Insights

Smart Strategies For Cutting Competition Between Your Employees

Smart Strategies For Cutting Competition Between Your Employees
by Lisa Mulcahy

Competition in your marketplace is part of the drill when it comes to doing business. When your employees start to compete with each other in potentially destructive ways, however, your business can quickly suffer.

As a manager, it's key to shape your policy so that team success always overrides the personal gain of the employees who work for you — so how do you handle the personnel conflicts that aggressive individual team members can cause?

Let science help you out. Try these research-tested strategies for decreasing competition among your staff:

Mix up your team demographics.

Korean researchers report that when people in similar age groups with similar statuses work very closely together, they often compete and clash, taking more unwise risks because they are trying to establish superiority.

When assembling a project team, vary the positions and age range of the staff members you pick — not only can this cut problems caused by competition, but it will provide a good mix of perspective and opinion as everyone works together.

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